6 ways to train your dog to stop barking at strangers!

Does your dog bark whenever the door rings? Do they bark uncontrollably when they see a passerby or when a delivery package arrives? Is it impossible for you to stop your barking dog from barking when your guests arrive? Training your dog to stop barking is a challenging task to accomplish. Dogs, well, it is […]

You Had Me At Woof – Aria!

In 2020 a little dirty dog was found on the streets of Sharjah, severely malnourished, and covered in scars and ringworm. She was placed in boarding for a few days to decompress and that’s where we met our little girl. Our intention was to foster her until she found her forever home. Upon fostering her […]

You Had Me At Woof – Zeus!

Basically, Zeus was found roaming in between traffic back in December, the lady who found him and took him in couldn’t keep him because she had older grumpy dogs at home, she was a rescuer but only usually cats & horses, it was late at night and he didn’t have a microchip and so we […]

How to Introduce Your Dogs to Car Rides?

How to Introduce Your Dogs to Car Rides? 1. Start Slow: If your dog has extreme anxiety and starts to stress before they even get in the car, begin outside of the parked car. If they take a step towards the car, treat and praise them. Do this daily, or every other day, for a few […]

5 Reasons You Should Train Your Dog

5 Reasons You Should Train Your Dog: 1. It helps your dog be more sociable 2. Makes it easier to board your dog 3. It’s for their own safety 4. It helps you understand your dog better 5. It teaches your dog life skills and alleviates stress

6 reasons why you should brush your dog’s coat on a regular basis

6 Reasons Why Should Brush Your Dog’s Coat On A Regular Basis:   It can be a great bonding time It helps distribute natural oils in your dog’s coat It prevents painful mats It allows you to spot anything unusual, such as bumps it reduces shedding A well-brushed doggo looks better, happier and healthier