You Had Me At Woof – Aria!

In 2020 a little dirty dog was found on the streets of Sharjah, severely malnourished, and covered in scars and ringworm. She was placed in boarding for a few days to decompress and that’s where we met our little girl. Our intention was to foster her until she found her forever home.

Upon fostering her we realized she didn’t know what toys or a bed were. Warm food was foreign to her. She came to us after severe trauma, her scaring confirmed this. She had an intense level of leash reactivity, slipping into aggression. Aria was triggered by most things we encounter daily. This made it challenging to home her.

After fostering her for 3 months we decided to adopt her and work on her struggles, together as a family. Our journey of rehabilitating a reactive dog has been very challenging but we got through it with the help of a wonderful support structure. After 10 months of consistent hard work, she has now become a confident dog, who copes well around past triggers and is living her best life. She enjoys exploring new environments and tagging along on our little adventures. Aria has proven that one’s past does not define them.

We are grateful to Walk N Wag for being part of our journey and providing the necessary care, structure and understanding Aria needs for her continual progress and growth. They truly are part of our family and we are blessed to be part of theirs.