Our Services

Overnight Pet Sitting

If you are concerned about being away while doggo is at home alone, we are here to keep them company and cheer them up. This service is a upto 12 hour session which can be provided on a daily basis or as a one off case because sometimes, some things just come up! No need to worry, we’ve got your baby covered. With toys, care, loads of cuddles and of course walks as per their set schedule, we’ll make sure doggo is safe & happy while mommy &/or daddy are away.

Day Care

As working parents, you may be concerned about your baby being home alone. Well, with our day care service, you don’t need to be – meals, naps and play are all taken care of, while they spend the day here at home with us. Fun and games with other dogs and human friends, who will look after them with gentle love and care.

Overnight Care

This service is for you when you need to travel or need a night out. Your dog will have a cosy sleepover here with us and their friends. While you’re partying, holidaying or away for work, we will have our little pawjama pawrty right here!

Fur Shower

When those cute, muddy paws need a clean-up, we are here to ensure your baby gets a nice, warm bath followed by a blow dry & brush. Natural, organic bath products, combined with a relaxed, stress free bath session will have that fur gleaming again, leaving your pet feeling fresh & clean. This service includes nail clipping & ear cleaning too. A little perfume for the finale & doggo is shining like the star he/she really is!

Dog Training

Puppy Training – For dogs below 6 months of age. This course entails a one on one session with you once a week, to help you raise your puppy into a secure, confident, well -mannered dog. We cover the basics like Potty training, crate training and other essential aspects for the best start in building a strong relationship with your puppy.

Basic Obedience Course – For dogs aged 6 months & above. This course includes basic commands such as Sit, Stay, leash walking & more life skills which help your dog becomes a true member of the family. A well behaved dog can be easily included in all family activities and outings and learning to communicate successfully with your dog will be the best gift for you and for him (or her).

Pick-up & Drop

Pick-up & drop services provide convenient transportation for pets to & from our place. One of the main benefits of using a pick-up & drop service for dogs is that it saves you time & energy. Instead of having to carve out time in your already busy schedule to drive your pet to a destination, you can simply schedule a pick-up time & let us take care of the rest. This is especially convenient for those who work long hours or have other obligations that prevent them from being able to transport their pet themselves.

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