Walk N Wag’s Masterclass on Dog Training

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Let’s explore some basic dog training techniques that will set you and your dog up for success.

1. Positive Reinforcement:

This technique revolves around rewarding your dog for good
behaviour. We at WalkNWag encourage the dog to display good behaviour by rewarding it
with treats, praise or playtime. The dog begins to associate this behaviour with a positive
response and continues to display the same behaviour.

2.  Clicker Training: 

It uses a handheld device that makes a clicking sound. The clicker
signals your dog that it has performed the desired action. For eg, if we are training the dog to
lie down, once the dog lies down, we make the clicking sound and reward him with treats.
This technique helps to establish clear communication and accurate timing.

3. Marker Training:

Marker training is similar to clicker training but uses a verbal marker.
This technique helps you point out desired actions right away and reward your dog for it. For
eg, while training a dog to sit, once the dog sits down on command, we use words like “yes”
or “good” to encourage this action. 


When it comes to training, consistency is key. WalkNWag recommends that training must become a part of your regular routine. Setting aside dedicated time for training sessions does not mean the dog is not in training otherwise. Keeping the sessions short and focused will result in a positive outcome