Multi Faceted Dog Boarding Facilities: The best choice for your dog

Leaving your dog away from you for a few days can be tough, but knowing that they are in safe hands allows you to be at peace. Hence, choosing the perfect dog boarding facility for your furry friend is very crucial. The right facility takes care of your dog’s routine, wellbeing, grooming, nutrition and everything in between. It helps your dog engage in different activities, interact with other dogs and socialise.

A multi faceted dog boarding facility offers various recreational zones and activities that stimulate your dog. The right activities give your canine companions a chance to use their natural instinct, be physically and mentally active and be the best version of themselves.

Larger facilities have many recreational zones for dogs to unleash their entire potential. For instance, the Walk N Wag ReTreat has a Canine Circuit that acts as an obstacle course, Splish Splash for your dog to take a dip in the swimming pool, Sniff Spot to go on sniffing adventures and explore to their heart’s content among other activities.

Each of these spaces provide different values to your dog, contributing to their overall growth. An obstacle course requires your dog to jump, run and complete it in a stipulated time. It helps your dog to stay physically active, increase their speed and stamina, encourages problem solving and improves coordination and motor skills.

Swimming acts as a fun activity, especially in the summer to to cool your dog down. It relaxes the muscles, strengthens the heart and joints and helps them bond with other dogs. It helps release excess energy and makes them instantly happy.

A space like the Sniff Spot at the Walk N Wag ReTreat helps dogs explore natural grass and terrain. It gives them a chance to sniff and investigate their surroundings, an opportunity they do not usually get at home. It boosts their mood, allows them to relax and have fun.

Opting for a dog boarding facility that has a variety of recreational zones will ensure your dog has a good time while you are away.