Is a Dog Day Care the right choice for your pet?

Are you worried about leaving your dog alone at home for long hours?
Are you concerned that your dog isn’t getting enough physical exercise?
Are you afraid that your dog isn’t getting enough mental stimulation?
Do you worry your dog isn’t getting enough exposure outside home?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘Yes’, then what you need is a reliable, qualified Dog Day Care.

A dog day care like Walk N Wag not only provides a space to keep your dog for the day but also offers a stimulating, controlled environment for dogs to interact with other dogs, exercise, and play under human supervision and human companionship. Dogs’ meal times are regulated, their food is monitored, ensuring they get proper meals on time. Proper safety measures are put in place for the safety and security of our dogs. It is the most ideal solution for pet parents who have a busy schedule but do not want to compromise on their dog’s wellbeing. 

Wondering how to choose the right day care service for your dog? Walk N Wag is here to help! There are a few things you should consider while choosing the right day care services. Keep in mind your dog’s temperament and energy levels throughout the day. Make note of whether your dog gets along with other dogs and its socialisation needs. Make sure to inform your day care of any specific habits, personality traits or behaviour.  Ensure that safety and cleanliness are taken care of. Additionally, find out information about the activities conducted to ensure they suit your dog’s personality and preferences. 

The right day care will not only ensure that your dog is safe & happy all day but also help in the enrichment of your favourite canine companion.