Welcome to Furry Friends! Here, we invite you to indulge in a collection of curated stories that beautifully capture the incredible moments when pet owners met their beloved companions. From chance encounters on busy Dubai streets to serendipitous adoptions at local shelters, these tales are a testament to the unbreakable bond between humans & dogs. Each story will remind you of the magic that unfolds when a wagging tail & a loving soul come together, filling our lives with unconditional love, laughter, & endless joy. Prepare to be moved as you embark on a journey through these touching narratives that celebrate the profound connections that form between humans & their fur balls.


We got Vera from the SPCA in Singapore where she had been owned by a guy who also had another dog & the other dog didn’t get on with Vera. She was kept in the maids room, she wore diapers & was scared of humans. Very timid, wouldn’t even let you touch her on the body. We took her home & over the course of about a year managed to get her comfortable with humans & more confident. She lived in Singapore for 5 years before moving here to Dubai. From the dog shelter to the Palm Dubai!


Basically, Zeus was found roaming in between traffic back in December, the lady who found him & took him in couldn’t keep him because she had older grumpy dogs at home, she was a rescuer but only usually cats & horses, it was late at night & he didn’t have a microchip & so we said we could look after him until his owners were found, but no one ever came forward for him. He was going to stay with us until she found him a home in Europe or got him under a shelter but, 1. We’d already decided we would adopt him, & 2. Once she realized we were Albi’s parents (her husky died due to a negligent facility here) she asked us if we was ready for another doggy & that’s pretty much it on how we got him. Life with him is it’s own story. He was pretty independent when he came to us, not into cuddles or playing or really anything & super quiet for a husky but all his blood work came back normal, one vet said he was 7 months and another 1.5 years but he has come out of his shell more now & his cheekiness has come out, he runs the house basically but he has become more cuddly & loving, thankfully. The hardest part is the separation anxiety, we never experienced it with Albi so its a whole different ball game, he’s chewed sofas, mattresses, harnesses, doors, you name it he has chewed it, but since we found you guys (obviously we weren’t loving the idea of day care after Albi) he’s happy playing the day away with his friends and after his off, he’s been much calmer at home & less destructive. We love him!


Mila walked in through our gate along with her two siblings (Labradors) to enrol for day care. An unsightly bump on her lip had been the reason she was rejected admission by the day care facility they had originally signed her into. Upon verification that it was safe, she became our client as did her two siblings (labradors). Then on they started coming to us for regular day care as well as sleep overs as and when required. This went on for almost a year until I learnt through a chat with her then mum that they had taken her in from another family who got her as a puppy, but soon after decided they weren’t prepared to keep her. Now, there were already 2 dogs in this family and three toddlers and an unplanned Mila – a Bernese mountain puppy no less in the fold, brought a fair share of chaos as well. But they had taken her in nevertheless. And you know why I think they did? Because that’s how she was meant to reach us. A step into our gate, some hops into our home and zoomies in our heart! And that’s the story of how Mila became a beautiful addition to our pack!


He was conceived, named, dreamed about and loved even before we actually brought him home. He existed in our minds even before he was born. The cutest little cuddle-bug, this gorgeous puppy took the best spot in our hearts. He was and is the best thing that could have happened to us. He became Arshia’s best friend/ brother, emotional support, her strongest bond…. and a big brother to Anaiah, when she was born 3 years later. He is the purest form of love we have had the fortune of experiencing. Our soul dog, always loving, always welcoming, the happiest little sunshine of our life. If you’ve had a chance to meet him, he has left you feeling loved and cheerful. He loved and lived for almost 15 years. He’s taken off now, for a trip to a stunning place… somewhere on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. But he left the love with us. “Keep it” he said. “Keep all of it. It’s yours…. for always and forever.”


We had attended a stray dogs adoption day, looking into maybe fostering a dog. We saw jenny and straight away we fell in love with her for her wee playful side and the fact that she knew her name and how to sit when she was only about 3 months old. The lady showed us a little plastic bag of toys and a blanket that was Jenny’s life in a bag which melted our hearts and before we knew it she was on her way home with us! Her name is also the same as my sisters name Jenny and funnily enough it was my sister’s birthday the day we got Jenny, so it was meant to be ? (her sister was also named Jaz and so is my sister too). Everything in life we do is for Jenny now, whether it be a staycation where dogs are allowed or going to daycare every day getting to play with her dog friends! Jenny is our little baby.. we are so glad to give her a great life now ?